Band of Jackals

"Come and take my hand now. I'm gonna run you through a little situation"


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us at Dot 2 Dot this weekend, we had an absolute blast! To those of you who came out expecting to see The 45s (who unfortunately had to pull out very last minute), thank you for sticking around and packing Rock City basement to capacity.

Fred Perry Subculture were amazing enough to film the whole set, so we should have a video up in the next few days and hopefully some glorious pictures for your enjoyment.




"Queens Of The Stone Age dragging a huge spliff with spaced out fuzz-rock driven by a whirlwind slugger and guaranteed to blow your mind"

Nine Black Alps

"A hard act to follow"

Cosmo Jarvis

"Alt-rock drenched in Bluesy twists, their recipe of raw riffs, infectious melodies and intense showmanship is seeing Band of Jackals take the Notts scene by storm. The only players of 'Inner-city Desert Rock' we know"


"A sound that has more testorone than King Kong's wank sock. A gritty desert rock n roll machine with the occassional injection of funk. Band of Jackals are one of these groups that really need to be witnessed live to fully appreciate them."


"One Hand Washes The Other EP rocks like a bastard with autism"

Drowned In Sound/Drowned In Nottingham